Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Fair Assessment Of The Real Issues In The "Net Neutrality" Debate

Wired Magazine: What Evryone Gets Wrong In The Net Neutrality

My view of "The Internet" is from the perspective of architecture and efficient delivery of services.   Congestion and "distance related latency" are realities.  Multi-million dollar investments can address capacity constraints while "physics" will always constrain the speed that a pulse of light can travel around the world.  (To a data center in India).

Dealing with the "Politics" of this situation around so-called "Net Neutrality" is like a technology engineer having to deal with the lawyers during the "contract signing" stage of a business deal.

I give credit to the above article because it more transparently lays out the issues of the debate.

There is no such thing as a "FAST LANE".   This is a loaded word that allows the term "discrimination" to be entered into the debate.

The issue is "DEMAND" and the  "CIRCUIT CAPACITY" to meet this demand, optimizing the efficiency of resources that the data stream must travel through to satisfy the end user request.

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