Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scaling The Heights To Bring Communication To The World

When the camera pans downward toward the ground I can't help but to put myself into that man's position and feel a sense of fear that takes over my body.

I could not do that job.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Africa Is Connected To The World Via Technology

My wife is presently in Nigeria on a business trip. 

I was able to track her flight across the Atlantic Ocean using technology.

I received a phone call from her cellphone when the plane landed in Ghana.

I received a text message when she landed in Nigeria.

All of the technological underpinnings involved with achieving this level of interconnectedness was abstracted from her.  The only thing she had to worry about is obtaining a "world phone" from Verizon Wireless that has GSM capabilities allowing it to work in other places around the world.  The USA and Korea are the dominate places for CDMA phones.  The rest of the world uses GSM.

Thanks to technology a phone call from Nigeria is as easy as a phone call from Los Angeles.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

USA Today Transitions Toward The World Of Electronic News Distribution

USA Today shaking up staff in 'radical' overhaul

I used subscribe for home delivery of the USAToday and the WallStreet Journal on a daily basis and the local paper on Sundays.  In the past few months I have allowed my paper delivery of all of them to expire as I transitioned toward the paid electronic version of the USAToday and the WSJ.

The one beneift is that my load of paper to be recycled is being reduced.  Despite having loads of articles that I have put to the side with the promise of following up later - I typically put it all into a box 3 months later and discard them anyway.

Electronic news distribution is the logical way to go for the future.

Every 2 months or so my Sunday paper that was delivered by a paper guy riding down the street in a car would be scattered all over my yard.   Once the paper hit the ground the plastic bag would burst open and the advertising inserts would scatter.

I now go to the grocery store and purchase the Sunday paper.