Friday, August 6, 2010

Net Neutrality Is Whatever Some People Say It Is During The Argument At Hand

Mr Prometheus:

I am going to pretend that I am not an industry insider as I ask you a question.

Right now Google has several data centers throughout the United States in which it seeks to "move its content to the edge" - closer to the people.

Let's call Google a "content provider".

Verizon, AT&T, BBN and other - Tier 1 Internet service providers are carriers.

While the Tier 1 carriers have both PUBLIC and PRIVATE interconnects, with the goal of speeding access to users from one network over to end points that reside on another network - CONTENT PROVIDERS had typically just purchased circuits from a carrier and depended upon the carrier to handle the strategic routing.

WHAT IF, Prometheus - Google is simply creating PRIVATE INTERCONNECTS into Verizon"s network - just as carriers have already been doing? IS THIS PROBLEMATIC FOR YOU?

I notice that the pro-Net Neutrality crowd says "speeding" or "preferring" traffic. The truth is that no carrier is going to "slow down" traffic when they have 40Gb trunk circuits.

Please explain to me why you have a problem with Verizon placing high speed trunks into Google's data centers, thus providing Google users fast access to Google content?

Do you see how on the one and the FCC claims that the USA has SLOW access circuits as compared to some other nations - which are a mere fraction of our size. YET when it comes to certain large content companies adding bigger pipes between their data centers and various Tier 1 backbone providers - speeding access - this is calls a "molestation of the Internet rules".

The argument does not stand.

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