Friday, January 23, 2009

Teens "Sexting" Out Of Synch With The Law and Societal Standards

Sexting - the practice of taking nude picture with a cellphone camera and send it off to someone else as an act of flirting or invitation for more "hands on" contact.

(Damn I wish I was younger and still single. Why weren't certain things available when I was in my early 20's?)

Hat tip to "3g 4g Blog". Where as I get frequent spam on my Skype client - I had no idea that teens were using technology in such a manner. Then again I am not surprised at all.

America! Please don't go so far as to make the Mullahs correct about our lascivious culture.

Greensburg People Want Students' 'Sexting' Charges Dropped

GREENSBURG, Pa. - Six teenagers have been charged with sex crimes for sending naked pictures on their cell phones, but the court of public opinion says this isn't a case for the legal system to worry about.

WTAE Channel 4's Jennifer Miele reported that Mayor Karl Eisaman and the Greensburg Police Department have received dozens of e-mails from people who think the kids' parents -- and not a judge -- should punish them.

"These are good kids that made mistakes ... What they did was wrong, but they are not sex offenders," one of the boys' mothers said in an e-mail to Channel 4 Action News on Monday.

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