Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cell Towers Translate Into Income For Schools

Cell Towers Placed On Campus Are A Boon For Schools

Not all the towers on 17 Cobb campuses are as decorative, but the financial incentives for renting space to cellphone companies outweigh the aesthetics at some schools.

Each tower yields an immediate $150,000, with 60 percent going to the school where the tower is built, said Dennis Campbell, planning director for Cobb schools. The remainder of the money goes into a fund for schools without towers that can be drawn from as needed.

And it gets better. The contracts with cellphone companies are 15-year deals, or three five-year contracts. Over the length of a lease, a school with a tower earns $270,000, or $90,000 every five years.

Most of the towers on Cobb campuses are owned by T-Mobile, but other cellphone providers can pay to add their antennas. Additional antennas can bring in at least $800 a month, Campbell said.

To me this appears to be one of those "You Are Not Gonna Put Your Tower In My Back Yard but YOUR COVERAGE SUCKS Improve It Or Im Gonna Switch To Someone Else" stories.

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