Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Last 8 Years We Have Lost Our Technological Leadership?

CSPAN - The Communicators - William Kennard

I hate when people make broadbased, politically biased claims that they don't offer proof. William Kennard says that "the US has fallen behind as the world's technology leader".

This is complete bull.

Look at the next wave of technology and consider it's source - the United States

* Social Networking

* Web 2.0 Technologies

* Open Source Software

* Software As A Service

The key talking point that some people use to claim that the USA has fallen behind is the STATISTICS on "broadband penetration rates". In their view, despite the fact that the USA has nearly 70 million subscribers they point to the rate (subscribers / total population). This sounds good except that the other nations with a better rate have about 5 million subscribers and are far more dense in population per square km.

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