Saturday, September 13, 2008

Association of African Internet Service Provider Associations - Connecting A Continent

Association of African Internet Service Provider Associations

AfrISPA is a non-profit organisation, whose members are themselves non-profit organisations, The members of these national ISP Associations in turn are mostly commercial organisations. Formed in 2001, AfrISPA has grown over the years in membership numbers, in effectiveness, and in influence.

Several years ago after working to architect a global data network for a large American company - I began to appreciate how developed the USA and many parts of Europe were in their communications infrastructure and how much further many African nations had to go.

In certain regions of Africa a call from country A to country B must connect through a switch in Europe for the two people to communicate. There are so many interconnect fees that are streaming out of Africa as a result of this inefficient network design which has a legacy in colonialism.

The various blog subjects that are discussed on the web site of the AAISPA show to me that they are working to build a world class Internet infrastructure. Financial resources are their key challenge.

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