Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hydrogen Generation Set - Directly From China - Global Shipping

I am amazed. After listening in on the various debates about alternative energy I decided to purchase a science kit which uses solar power to separate hydrogen and oxygen out of H2O. Having seen a kit in Fry's Electronics I decided to wait and go onto the Internet to see a broader set of options.

I ended up purchasing the car pictured above and the kit pictured below. They both take in water and use the solar cell to separate the two elements into their basic forms.

I was shocked, however upon looking at the box. I figured that the company that I purchased it from was in California or Oregon. The shipping label as sent from UPS was actually from Lan 2041 Jinshajian Rd Shanghai, 200335 People's Republic Of China.

The package arrived in about 3 days. This is the first time that I had ordered something on the Internet and received it directly from China. Now I have ordered items on Ebay and received them from Taiwan. This is to be expected. I have only ever received Chinese goods through retail outlets that did the procurement and sold through American stores.

Clearly UPS, who I received the package from, has increased their capacity on the US/China shipping route. In fact that shipping costs were embedded into the purchase price. Where as years ago I would have expected to pay about $35 more for international shipping - clearly the infrastructure is established and China which is halfway around the world - is virtually next door.

Now all I need to do is to keep my science project car away from my son. I assure you that this car will be torn up in 2 days if I allow him to touch it unmonitored. He will treat it like his other cars and tinker with it till the wheels fall off and the motor is destroyed. The little RC helicopters that I purchased while reliving my childhood through him.....when I relaxed my mandate that he not touch them without my presence - every single one of them is now destroyed.

I am not mad at China. This is a global marketplace and they are clearly mixing their competitive advantage regarding low cost manufacturing with their increasing advanced capabilities to now engineer and manufacture consumer goods that Americans are attracted to.

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