Monday, May 26, 2008

Giving Credit To A Technological Innovator

As I have said plenty of times - I have an equal ability to rain praise upon those who deserve it as much as I am able to critically scrutinize those who need to be put in check.

Audio Link: Discovery Communications is hosting a science project for middle school kids and hi-tech companies are looking for untapped talent to create cool applications for digital products

From what I can tell Mario Armstrong deserves such a pat on the back.

He talked about the Discovery Communications science project where young people are asked to provide a scientific description about a given topic and can win award money in exchange. Mr. Armstrong talked about how he would be willing to assist in the video production in support of these children.

This caused a shift in priorities for me. I work with a set of public housing kids on a reading program. In the same facility that I volunteer within is a room full of computers that are underutilized. I keep saying that I am going to sneak away from my office during lunch time and talk to the administrators about teaching a class on how Voice over IP works. There is about to be a major transition to this technology and many small and medium sized companies are going to be willing to purchase the talents of someone who is able to transition them from the current analog voice systems to the new VoIP PBX technology.

I am going to round up the "brothers" who are in my peer group that is always talking about how we have amassed so many skills and talents in the telecommunications industry and wondering what should we do next - to develop a plan for us to engage young people and leverage the cellphones and video phones that they have in their pockets to resolve some particular challenge that we have facing our community - the distribution of knowledge or some other key initiative.

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