Friday, December 28, 2007

The Purpose Of This Blog

A new year is upon us that is full of potential. I have decided to add yet another blog to my arsenal as a means of avoiding the crosstalk between my separate and distinct interests upon different subject matters.

I am a technology geek by nature after years of indoctrination. My goal has always been to leverage my technological skills as a means of reforming the ways people operate in the real world. It was never my intention to be a hard core computer scientist where I sit in a room full of coders and develop "Microsoft Excel" itself. My goal has always been to take "Microsoft Excel" into the business world, learn the business and then apply "Microsoft Excel" to make the business more efficient, have greater accountability for the resources that is being managed by the business and in the process leverage the 'best practices' learned from one entity and transfer it to another that has a greater need.

With this in mind it is clear that so is the case with regards to technology. In the United States we take the rapid amount of technological innovation that we have easy access to for granted. In fact those among us who seem "perpetually discontented" are complaining that our 6Mb cable Internet is "too slow" as compared to what the rest of the world has. For them I give a "US Robotics 56k v.92 modem" that I have in my junk pile from 15 years ago and allow them to suffer through browsing the web in order to appreciate how far we have indeed come.

The sad fact is that some people around the world don't even get 56Kbs of throughput let alone have ready access to a computing device of any type. In these same regions, however, when computing technology and the network that is necessary to bring them to life is provided - a world wind of change takes place in the society. These networks and this computing ecosystem (hardware sales, repair, software distribution, and education) is a very expensive and time consuming effort. This requires great coordination between the business sector, the financial sector, the academic sector and the government sector to bring this day forth. The leaders in all of these areas are critical to the nations long term development. To squander these opportunities is to insure that the nation spends "the next round" in the veil of darkness" yet again.

The purpose of this blog is not to focus on the latest "geeky" inventions or devices. Yes I am into this and will continue to be in the perpetual waiting game for the next releases of hardware and software that keeps me in credit card debt. I plan to focus on how technology has a transformative impact on nations that are in so much need of positive moves forward.

My personal frustration is in identifying young people who have the basic skills that are necessary to operate and advance in this field. I didn't say that they don't exist - as indeed they do. The problem is that those who are most in need of transformation reside outside of the channels that can connect them to these developments and thus earn both a living and a lifestyle which is forming for the next interval of time that is dawning upon us.